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Part no. 5107000800-xxx Design According to rules of maritime classification societies and regulation of USPH Base plate Stainless steel Cover Clear polycarbonate, impact-proof, UV resistant, with silicone rubber gasket Mounting 6 mounting holes, &O...
SI6_6-3MV SI6_6-3MVSV Summary Over 1700 lumens; > 800 lux @ 1 metre Unique light projections covering over 50m2 Low power consumption (only 18W) Multi-voltage (10-32V) Waterproof to IP67 First choice for Emergency Services professionals OVER 1700 L...
Technical and Outdoor Luminaires
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Our online catalogue is by no means definitive and we ask if you have a lighting requirement and you do not see the type listed then please enquire. Also many lights have the possibility to be modified to specific customer requirements. So it is always worthwhile contacting us to discuss your requirements. 

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